5 Budget Friendly Date Ideas

5 Budget Friendly Date Ideas

It’s Valentine’s day and you want to spend some quality time with the person you love, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money! Don’t give in to the advertisers and buy a bunch of stuff that no one really wants. Keep that minimalist mindset and look for things to do together that aren’t about buying things. Here are five of my favorites!

Check out a new part of the city

It’s easy to stay close to home and only go to the places you are comfortable with, but when’s the last time you explored your city. Neighborhoods are always changing, especially here in Indy, so take a night to go to a part of town you’ve never been to or somewhere you haven’t been for a long time. You never know what you will find, a new favorite restaurant, a cool record store, or maybe just an awesome view of your city. Need help finding a good neighborhood? Send a message to a realtor that knows your city well!

Try a new brewery or winery tour

Craft beer and wine is still booming in most of America. I know in my city it seems like there is a new brewery popping up every month. It’s hard to try them all, but now’s a great opportunity to take your date and taste something new. Most places will a tour for free or a few bucks and give you a tasting or two at the end. Not only will you try some great local beers, but you are learning about something together that could become a passion you can share together for years to come.

Cook/Bake a new recipe

We all know you’ve been binging “The Great British Baking Show” all winter and what better time to test your skills than to bake something together. Spending time in the kitchen together is always romantic. Open a bottle of wine, turn on some music, and let’s see if you can make Marry Berry proud. Cooking at home is always cheaper than going out and you know you will get something you like.

Try a new local restaurant

Neither of you have the chops to cut it in the kitchen? Check out a new local restaurant. Staying away from the big chain steakhouses on Valentines can always save you some money, plus you are giving back to a local business. A lot of locals, like some of my favorite family owned restaurants in Indy, have put together a special menu for tonight to save couples a little money and make sure you get a great meal at the same time.

Walk a dog together

Both love dogs, but don’t own one of your own? Sign up for Wag! and walk a dog together. You can pair that with a new neighborhood, make a dog super happy, and make a little cash together! Fair warning though, this could cost you money down the road, when your significant other decides its time to adopt a dog because it made you both so happy.

Get out there and have an amazing Valentine’s day with your loved one, all while staying within your budget!

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