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Managing Debt

Feeling pressured by student or credit card debt? How do you pay down debt and still save for the future? Let's work on understanding your loans, your repayment program, and design a plan of attack to remove that stress.

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Create a saving and investing plan

What are the right tools to manage your money? Where should you keep cash and how much? What investment opportunities should you take advantage of? Together we build an easy to understand strategy for making your money work for you.

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Build on your Success

You've made progress, but still feel like you could be doing better. How can you take your finances to the next level? Find the gaps in your current plans to help you build on your success.

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Since 2016

Why Indy Wealth Solutions?

Indy Wealth Solutions is a fee-only financial planning fiduciary specializing in working with young professionals, families, and business owners. Our goal is to help you build a plan tailored to your lifestyle.

A recent study showed 78% of people say they are living paycheck to paycheck. Why? I believe we aren't attaching our money habits to our purpose. Our money habits should align with our personal growth, in order to achieve our ideal lifestyle. When they don't, we tend to use our money on things we don't necessarily want or need, trying to fill the shortalls in our personal growth plan. Most are left feeling like they fall into one of two categories.

Group 1: Struggling to find a balance of paying down debt and saving, leaving a feeling of lack of progress. You're lost on where to even begin righting the ship towards the life you really want.

Group 2: Those that feel like they have a good handle on their money, but are left feeling like you're not sure where to go from here. How can you better utlize your money to take that next step?

As your financial life coach, I help bridge the gap between your financial plan and personal growth plan. When the two are in sync, the path to your desired lifestyle becomes more clear and achievable.

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