Welcome to Indy Wealth Solutions, LLC (IWS), an independent Registered Investment Advisor based in Indianapolis, IN. Our goal is to be a source of information, guidance, and support to communities around us. Typically, those of us that aren't high net worth families have trouble finding personalized, professional advice, but we also tend to need the most help. That is the issue we are hoping to solve at IWS. Everyone deserves to have access to affordable and professional guidance when it comes to one of the most difficult aspects of our lives, our finances. Indy Wealth Solutions is your partner in building a tailored financial plan based on your personal needs and lifestyle.

We specialize in working with three groups of people. IWS is passionate about helping young people get off on the right foot. If you find yourself always feeling you are lost with your finances or can't seem to find the funds to do what you want in your life, we want to help. Are you a small business owner that is trying to figure out the best way to manage your money? We are here to help. Maybe you're coming to the end of your career and looking to make the jump into retirement, but you aren't quite sure if you are ready; we are here to help. 

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